Here's a great photo by John Cole from the George Washington Birthday Regatta st Lake Eustis in Florida. There are 35 boats and after Day 1, the Lintons are in the lead!  Day 1 was beautiful with shifty winds, and lots of action!   Thanks Ariel Harrington for the updates on Facebook.

UPDATE - think we found it! Here's hoping!

Some of you are receiving emails that your Member role has expired. We have been trying to figure out what is causing these incorrect emails but have not figured it out yet. Please bear with us as wel try to figure it out. Thank you.


From Flying Scot, Inc. on Facebook:

Onto the next chapter for #2573! She's always been a northern girl, originally from Winnipesaukee Sailing Center in New Hampshire. She then made her way down to Deep Creek Lake for many many years. Finally, after a factory refurbishment, she's heading south for retirement in St. Thomas where she will once again be sailed in a sailing school - this time by the local children of St. Thomas. It's a great organization and they're trying to start a fleet. Check them out and consider making a contribution towards their FS fleet...

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Here is a link to the North Sails  Rules Seminar from 2/9/2021. Thank you Zeke Horowitz and Brian Hayes! 



Dear fellow Scot sailors,

North Sails invites all Flying Scot sailors for an informative webinar on Tuesday, February 9th at 7:00 PM EST. Join World Championship sailor, Zeke Horowitz and One Design Expert and sailmaker for over 30 years, Brian Hayes, to learn the basic rules of racing.

The duo of Flying Scot Experts will focus on the basic right of way rules and situations that Scot sailors often encounter when racing. They will also discuss what to be aware of on the start line and during mark roundings to make competing safer and more fun! It's easy to forget how...

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