Event Winners

Event Year National Event Type Championship Division Winner Challenger Division Winner Other Winners Event Host Site
2010 NAC Allan and Katie Terhune Ben Williams and Deb Aronson Bay Waveland Yacht Club
2010 Midwinters Allan Terhune Letty Eby Southern Yacht Club
2010 Wife-Husband Carla and Larry Vitez Nancy and Uwe Heine Lake Norman Yacht Club
2010 ACC John Aras
2009 NAC Allan and Katie Terhune Chris and John Wright Ephraim Yacht Club
2009 Midwinters Allan Terhune Nancy Claypool St Petersburg Yacht Club
2009 NERD Chris, Linda,Roger and Lee Danilek
2009 Wife-Husband Chris and Linda Danilek Skip and Marianne Montello No Spinnaker Division: Roger and Kate Sharp Massapoag Yacht Club
2008 NAC Allan and Katie Terhune Steve Berglund and Dan Ioli Toms River Yacht Club, New Jersey
2008 Wife-Husband CANCELLED Oklahoma City Boat Club
2008 Midwinters Marc Egan Greg Kampf St Petersburg Yacht Club
2007 NAC Jeff and Amy Linton Michael and Greta Mittman Fishing Bay Yacht Club
2007 Wife-Husband Amy and Jeff Linton Bevilee and Rob Tikoft Cedar Point Yacht Club, CT
2007 Midwinters Fred Strammer Rick Banning St Petersburg Yacht Club
2007 NERD Chris, Linda, Roger and Lee Danilek
2006 Wife-Husband Amy and Jeff Linton Bonnie and Wilson Jenkins Lake Murray Sailing Club, South Carolina
2006 NAC No Championship due to storm - A Fleet - Harry and James Carpenter B Fleet - Greg and Diane Kampf Corinthian Yacht Club Marblehead MA
2006 ACC David Neff
2006 Midwinters Marcus Egan Edward Summerfield St Petersburg Yacht Club
2005 Wife-Husband Allyson and David Neff Sharon and John Schwarting West River Sailing Club