Event Winners

Event Year National Event Type Championship Division Winner Challenger Division Winner Other Winners Event Host Site
2005 NAC Marc Eagan Paul Labute Bay Waveland Yacht Club
2005 NERD aDa Vught and ted Dufft
2005 Midwinters Greg Fisher Dan Baird St Petersburg Yacht Club
2005 ACC David Neff
2004 Wife-Husband Natalie and Scott Mauney Suzy and Brian Hawkins Crescent Sail Yacht Club, MI
2004 NAC Kelly Gough Charles Buffington Carlyle Sailing Association, Illinois
2004 Midwinters Marc Egan Joseph Reifenhauser St Andrews Bay Yacht Club
2004 ACC David Neff
2003 Wife-Husband Natalie and Scott Mauney Peg and John Woodworth Grand Maumelle Sailing Club, Arkansas
2003 NAC Graham Hall
2003 NAC Bill Draheim Jerry and Gene Lane Lake Norman Yacht Club
2003 Midwinters Kelly Gaugh Starling Gunn St Andrews Bay Yacht Club
2002 Wife-Husband Heidi and Kelly Gough Carol and Fields Gunsett Main and Jib: Lisa and Hal Wilson Delavan Lake Yacht Club
2002 NAC Bill Draheim Frank Gerry Pensacola Yacht Club
2002 Midwinters Kelly Gough Ralph Jones St Andrews Bay Yacht Club
2001 NAC Greg Fisher Allen Terhune Toms River Yacht Club, New Jersey
2001 Midwinters Kelly Gough Morgan Doolittle St Andrews Bay Yacht Club
2001 NERD John M Clark Jr and Chris Smith
2001 Wife-Husband Karen and Harry Carpenter Elizabeth and Jim Harris Main and Jib: Debbie and Paul Stopkovish Berlin Yacht Club, Ohio
2000 Midwinters Bill Ewing Jeremy Mullis St Andrews Bay Yacht Club