Massapoag Yacht Club

Throughout the history of the club, races have been held every Sunday afternoon. Wednesday night races were held in the fifties, revived in the early seventies, and continue to date. From 1946 to 1949, the club held a "special Sunday Race Day". The regatta was revived as a weekend event in 1966, to be held in early September. National regattas for Falcons, Towns, Day Sailers have been held at Massapoag.

The types of boats recognized as official classes has changed over the years. At the very beginning, racing was in classes A, B, C. In 1950, Comets and Skimmers were recognized as official classes, in 1952 Penguins were added. Towns became an official class in 1958, Falcons in 1959, Day Sailors in 1960, Flying Scots in 19??. For a few years we also had a small fleet of Dusters.

Moonlight sails have been part of the club's activities from the beginning. There have been a number of attempts to start Junior race programs; several times these were accompanied by very successful Saturday classes. Since the inception of the sailing program by the Town of Sharon, the classes have been discontinued. Although there has not been a tradition of Junior sailing, almost every year there has been at least one young sailor who competed successfully against older and more experienced skippers.