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Posted: 12/02/2015

New England District

Creation Of Our Class Publication - Scots n’ Water 5

And Now For Something Totally Different (the 2015 CT River Dinghy Race)  6

Scots on the Rocks Photo Essay  7

Sharon 250th “Light Up the Night” Event 8

Foundation Helps Detroit Area Youngsters  9

The Blackbeard Sleigh Ride*: Lessons Learned 10

Dixie Lakes Districts Snapshot 12

Capsize From Hell 2015 ACC  14

Our Beautiful and Very Active New England District 16

Massapoag 66th Annual Regatta – and the Boats Just Keep Coming 18

The Battle of the Paddle 20

Posted: 09/24/2015

Excerpts from One-Design Yachtsman - The Magazine of Sailboat Racing, September,1965 (Sixth in a Series)

Top Ten “Other” Reasons to come to the 2015 Wife-Husband Championships proudly hosted by Fleet 168 in the Florida District

Replay Your Races To Sail Smarter

Sail Faster: Attend Regattas And Keep It Simple

110th Ephraim Regatta

Your First Regatta? Here’s What to Pack

Midwest District Report

Smooth Sailing at Saratoga for Some Massapoag Skippers!

Raffle Winners Take Delivery of New Boat

Posted: 08/10/2015

Creating the Flying Scot Sailing Association (Fifth in a Series)

Memories of Don Hott

The Pacific District: Big, Beautiful, & Diverse

What a Week at the 2015 NAC at Bay Waveland Yacht Club in Mississippi 

Some Thoughts on Sailing the NAC: A Quick Report From The Trenches

The Road to FSSA North Americans 2015

2015 Flying Scot North American Championship Trophy Winners

Social Sailing At Lake Norman (Charlotte, NC) Community Sailing

A Community Sailing Club’s Experience with Flying Scots


Posted: 05/19/2015

Midwinters and Florida District Reports

From the President

Moving to Oakland, Maryland (Fourth in a Series)

Sailing with Robert Flying Scot Mid Winters at Sarasota Sailing Squadron March 15-19

Got Snow? Head South to Sarasota

Ideas for Promoting Your Regatta to the Local Media

Calling all Sweethearts! 2015 Wife-Husband Regatta October 24-25 in Tampa, Florida 

Sailing the Florida Circuit from a Rookie‘s Perspective

Foundation Helps Hoover’s Learn-to-Sail Program

Breeze, Sunshine, Great Competition at Florida District Regatta

Frankenscot Rides Again: The Mug Race

Sarasota Sailing Squadron Report

Posted: 04/02/2015

Our Name, Emblem and Early Promotion of the Flying Scot (Third in a Series) 
Sailor’s Corner: Downwind Tactics
Registration is Open for North Americans at Bay Waveland
Win a New Scot!
NACs Returning to Bay Waveland
Carolinas District: Active Fleets All Around
Foundation, Saratoga Lake Sailing Club Create Welcome Partnership
Ahoy – Announcing FSSA Membership Regatta Initiative
Some Thoughts on Trophies