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Posted: 07/29/2013

Pacific District Highlights Replacing a Boat Cover Shock Cord. Midwest District Launches Its Own Travel Series. Road Warriors of the Pacific Northwest. Columbia Basin Sailing Club, Flying Scot Fleet 186–A Typical Race Day  A Scot–Stronger than Sandy 2013 Midwinters at Sarasota, Florida So You Want to Race a Club-owned Flying Scot? Approved FSSA Venues for Sanctioned Regattas

Posted: 05/13/2013

Carolinas District Highlights Winter Racing in the Carolinas Smokin' Pork BBQ, the best way, the North Carolina Way! Lake Norman Yacht Club to Host the 2013 North American Championship Starting Sequence at the Atlantic Coast Championship What Are They Thinking? THe Helmold/Singletary Series: A Skipper's Perspective Steven Berger and EYC Award District-wide Series Promotes Travel A Wild West Regatta Revision to CMR 28 and a New CMR

Posted: 03/07/2013

The 2012 Season at Fleet 11 Massapoag Yacht Club 63rd Annual Regatta 2012 New England Districts Four Racing Incidents: Strange but True How Sweet It Is to Own a Brand-new Flying Scot Greetings from South Jersey Wife-Husband–or Was It the Midwinters? – in Rogersville, Alabama

Posted: 01/29/2013

Dixie Lakes Overview, 2012 Wife Husband Championship, Fleet 118 Extreme Makeover, Foundation Milestone, Masthead Float Improvements, MBC Women's Championship, Alternate Jib Sheet Cleat Configuration

Posted: 12/06/2012

What Kind of Trophy?, Flying Scots in the 2012 Whale of a Sail, Governor's Cup, Going It Alone, Glow in the Dark, Atlantic Coast Championships, Friends Gather at Lake Norman Yacht Club to Remember Diane Ross, An Incentive to Travel-Fleet 163