The Rudder Club, Jacksonville Florida

Celebrating 72 years as a Sailing and Yacht Club, the Rudder Club members have been boating on the St. Johns River since 1946. It is a family friendly place, where kids grow up enjoying the outdoors and the sport of sailing. The Rudder Club is a Member Owned Sailing Club, which means that running costs are kept low and financial or strategic decisions are resting on the Flag Officers and the Board of Directors elected yearly by their fellow members. Once you become a member of the Rudder Club, you are the Rudder Club and we encourage all members to become actively engaged in the social and racing events of the organization. And those outstanding volunteers that want to shape the Rudder Club can become elected Flag Officers, Board Members, Sailing Instructors, Junior Sailing Program Directors, Summer Camp Directors, Race Officers, in line with the By-Laws which govern our organization.