Lots of Flying Scot Activity the First Weekend of October 2021


Photo from the NERD courtesy of Bob Gaffney

As David Rink posted on our Facebook Page, there have been many Flying Scot Regattas over the last few weeks, and that includes at least 9 on the weekend of 10/2-10/3/2021.  This is very exciting for our class and it is wonderful to see this much activity.  This is what we know so far:

Clinton Lake SA– Glow in the Dark Regatta - 35 Scots registered    Results are here  Photos by Stegmaier Photography here

Coconut Grove SC – Florida District #1 for 2021-2022 - 24 Scots registered   Results are here.  Photos are here

Birmingham SC – Great Scot & Dixie Lakes District Championship - 20 Scots  Results are here

Cedar Point YC – Fontilieu One Design -  12 Scots and 30 dolphins looking on!  Results are here

Massapoag YC – NERD - 10 Scots   Results are here  Photos are here 

Greater Richmond SA  - Capital Districts – 8 Scots   Results are here

Virginia Inland SA – 6 Scots - Results are here

Corinthian Yacht Club - State Fair Regatta - 21 Scots  Results are here

Sailing Club of Washington - Director's Cup - 12 Scots  Results are here

We are working on getting results of the other events and we will post when we have them.