43rd Annual George Washington's Birthday Regatta - #5 Florida District Series Results

Lake Eustis Sailing Club

Eustis, FL,
Regatta Date: 
Friday, February 15, 2013 to Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 2013 43rd Annual George Washington's Birthday Regatta was held on Lake Eustis this past weekend. It was also the fifth regatta, out of six, for the Flying Scot Florida District point series. 29 Flying Scots were registered to compete. Lake Eustis responded by throwing its best, (or worst!), at the sailors.

Saturday's winds started out light in the early hours, then built quickly, through the teens and into the twenties. Various measurements put them between 14 and 20+ mph. Gusts aplenty were clocked anywhere from the low to high twenties. The Race Committee prudently abandoned the official racing for the day.

Sunday morning brought sunny skies and more moderate winds - only in the teens - but COLD! Temperatures at the start of racing were in the high 30s, and only got up to the high 40s by the end of the day's races. Three races were held, and though the wind dropped some by the 3rd race, there were plenty of gusts to keep sailors on their toes. Attrition was high. Of the 29 boats registered, only 26 opted to race on Sunday (COLD!), and of those, only 15 boats finished all three races. Dropouts were mainly from the cold and wet, but there was equipment failure too, a blown spinnaker and one case of a deck that was apparently too slippery!

Jeff & Amy Linton, from Davis Island and true to form, finished 1st, followed by Steve Shaw, from Lake Norman. Zeke Harowitz finished 3rd.

It has been said that this may be one of the windiest and coldest regattas Lake Eustis Sailing Club has ever hosted. Maybe, maybe not, but it will be memorable to those who sailed it! Photos from Sunday's racing, by John Cole, are posted on the LESC website. To see them, go to the blue pull-down menus at the top of the Home page and click on Racing >>Regattas>>George Washington Birthday.