2020 Greater New York Districts and Sandy Douglass Regatta

Yes, there are still some regattas being held is 2020. It takwes some adjustnets and some of the social events have to be anclled/scaled back, but we're sailing and racing and having fun!

The Greater New York Distrc its were co-hosted Avalon Yacht Club and Yacht Club at Stone Harbor in New Jersey. There were 21 boats and some great competition,. Congratulations to Dan Walsh for an excellent win. Pctures will be available soon. Full results are here

The Sandy Douglass Memorial Regatta was held at Deep Creek Yacht Club in Maryland with 36 bats in several division. ur builders, Tyler and Carrie Andrews took first place in the Gold DIvision with 5 bullets!  Pictures are coming soon. To see who else competed and won in the other divisions, full results are here.