2019 NAC at Pensacola - Day 1 Finals



Can you say another picture perfect day on Pensacola Bay? Low 90’s sun shining, southerly breeze at 8-10 MPH and not too as much chop as yesterday, What a great day on the water.

PRO Hal Smith and crew got in 2 4-leg Windward Leeward races after a couple of false starts when the current was pushing everyone over the line. The RC cautioned everyone and the starts went off smoothly.

After Day 1 the leaders on the Championship Division are (1) Tyler and Carrie Andrews, (2) Zeke and Jay Horowitz(3) Fred Sowaard and Oliver Byington, (4) Tom and Melanie McNally, (2nd, 3rd and 4th all have 7 points!), and (5) Tom and Melissa Miller.. The leasers in the Challenger Division are (1) Steve and Rene Comen, (2) Bill Vogler and Mark Schillebeeckx, (3) Melissa and Eric Hemker  (4) Greg and Diane Kampf and (5) and Robert and Margaret Muller.  Full results are here.  There will be a few pictures available later.

Tonight is a Jambalaya Dinner put on by the great kitchen at Pensacola Yacht Club. Everyone can get their Cajun taste  buds satisfied. Thanks to Regatta Chair Tom Pace for an awesome event!

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