2018 Midwinters at Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL - Day 2 NO Racing



We waited out the wind as long as we could today on this beautiful 80-degree sunny day, but the wind won the day.  We started out with a respectable 17 MPH wind but the gusts were as high as 32 in the morning.  It began to lay down a bit over the next few hours to about 14-15, but the gusts were still in the 20's.  The PRO postponed until 1PM hoping we could get racing in.  Although racing might have been great, the direction of the wind and the gusts made it difficult at best to be able to get boats in and out of the water or on and off the docks.  At 1PM , racing was called off for the day and we all went off to our favorite beach, restaurants, shopping places, and some of us to Mote Aquarium to enjoy the display of marine life.  So the results remain unchanged from yesterday - hoping for racing tomorrow!

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