2015 NAC - Trophy and Perpetual Award Winners


Each year at the NAC, special awards are given in several categories to the participants as well as the prestigious Fleet of the Year Award, given to the fleet that has demonstrated most activity and growth in the prior year,  Entries for this award are sent in by fleet captains who nominate their fleets.  This year's award was  given to the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Fleet 36, Fleet Captain Robert Twinem. Other trophy winners are listed in the grid below - congratulations to all the recipients!

2015 Flying Scot North American Championship - Bay-Waveland Yacht Club, Bay St.Louis, MS - Trophy Winners
Best Sailed Club-Owned Boat Detroit Yacht Club Cup – Awarded to the best sailed club-owned boat. Andrew Eagan, Bay-Waveland Yacht Club
Best Sailed Challenger Boat with Woman on Board Nancy Roman Trophy – Awarded to the highest finisher with a woman on board, either skipper or crew, in the Challenger Division. Susan Domagala from Pennsecola Yacht Club
Best Sailed Boat with Woman Skipper Huron-Portage Yacht Club Fleet 20 Trophy – Awarded to Highest Placing Woman Skipper. Nancy Claypool, Southern Yacht Club and Ephraim Yacht Club
Best Sailed Boat with only Wife/Husband on Board Ted and Florence Glass Trophy – to honor the best sailed Scot with only a wife and husband on board. Jeff and Amy Linton from Davis Island Yacht Club
Best Sailed Father-Son Boat Father/Son Trophy – Awarded to the best sailed boat with a father and son on board, with one as a skipper. Zeke and Jay Horowitz, Sarasota Sailing Squadron
Best Family Sailed Boat Mary Douglas Trophy – Awarded to the best family sailed boat with at least one woman on board. Jeff and Amy Linton from Davis Island Yacht Club
Best Fleet in NAC Fleet 1 Trophy – Awarded to the best fleet in the NAC. Davis Island Yacht Club Fleet 168
For the following winners
Jeff and Amy Linton
Greiner and Robert Hobbs
Tom and John McNally
Best Finishing Skipper – Age 55 and Over Master Trophy Benz Faget, Southern Yacht Club
Senior Championship – Skipper and crew both Age 60 or Over  3rd Place William Robertson and crew, Privateer Yacht Club
   2nd Place Frank and Marianne Gerry from Clinton Lake Sailing Association
   1st Place – Silver Piper Bowl Charlie and Cindy Clifton, Sarasota Sailing Squadron
Women's NAC Champion Joan Burnside Trophy - Awarded to the highest placing skipper in the Women's NAC Shelley Caplan from Bay-Waveland Yacht Club
Junior NAC Champion Fleet 76 Trophy - Awarded to the highest placing skipper in the Junion NAC Drew Hayward and Andy Hayward from Davis Island Uacht Club
Fleet of the Year FSSA - Awarded to the Most Active Fleet  Awarded to Sarasota Sailing Squadron, Sarasota, FL, Fleet 36 Captain Robert Twinem
Executive Secretary's Cup JEE - Awarded to a person who has contributed a great deal to the association Not awarded in 2015
CHALLENGER DIVISON 10th Place Anderson Jones and Debbie Hoagland from Corinthian Sailing Club
  9th Place Chris Herman and Rob Alexander from LTYC
  8th Place Nancy Claypool and Frank Collins from Southern Yacht Club and Ephraim Yacht Club
  7th Place Jim and Cathy Bingham from Coconut Grove Sailing Club
  6th Place Bill Ross and Carol Claypool from Lake Norman Yacht Club
  5th Place Greg and Diane Kampf from Massapoag Yacht Club
  4th Place Frank Richards and Bowman O'Connor, Corinthian Sailing Club
  3rd Place - Terry Schroeder Trophy Rudy Trejo, Laura Dalton, and Shawn Brennan from New Orleans Yacht Club
  2nd Place - Sam Tellschow Memorial Trophy Tom and Melissa Miller, Corinthian Sailing Club
  1st Place - Max and Mary Doolittle Trophy John and Susan Domagala, Pensacola Yacht Club
CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION 10th Place Jim and Cheryl Signor from Coconut Grove Sailing Club
  9th Place Harry Carpenter and Melanie Dunham from Deep Creep Yacht Racing Association
  8th Place John and Shaeffer Dane from Pass Christian Yacht Club
  7th Place Larry Taggart and Carrie Berger from Southern Yacht Club
  6th Place Ryan Malmgren and Chris Smith from Ephraim Yacht Club
  5th Place Zeke and Jay Horowitx from Saraota Sailing Squadfron
  4th Place - Ratsey and Lapthom Trophy Rod Steiffel and Luke Rosetti from Bay-Waveland Yacht Club
  3rd Place - GL Foster Trophy Benz Faget and Mary Hewes from Southern Yacht Club
  2nd Place - Tea Party Trophy Jeff and Amy Linton from Davis Island Yacht Club
  1st Place - Gordon K. Douglass Trophy Andrew and Marcus Eagan from Bay-Waveland Yacht Club