Wife and Husband Championship - Requirements


We are going to the Wife and Husband Championship, which will be our first real race. To participate in a race the boat has to match several requirements and I think most of them are fulfilled with our boat. We have PFDs, an anchor, and we still have to attach a bow line.

The NOR mentions that a protest Flag is required. could I just use my red fabric that I stick at the end for trailering? How and where is normally a protest flag hung? To tell you the truth I wouldn't even know when to raise the flag.

Is there anything else odd that one needs for the race that one normally doesn't carry and could get disqualified for not having it?

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA


Oops, I meant the transom line not the bow line. The other end of the boat. [:I]

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

The safety equipment that is required is spelled out in the specifications.

2. The following minimum necessary equipment shall be carried
at all times: adequate ground tackle (a recommended anchor
would be the equivalent of an eight (8) pound Danforth or Northhill
anchor with a minimum of one-hundred (100) feet of line); one
wearable life jacket, either Coast Guard approved or in addition to
an unapproved jacket, one Coast Guard approved life preserver
for each person aboard; one Coast Guard approved throwable, apaddle or oar; a bucket suitable for bailing; sound device and a
safety line attached to the transom mooring rings. (See also CMR

CMR14. 5-H Hi-tensile Danforth anchor is ruled equivalent to an 8-S
standard Danforth anchor, and therefore may be carried in its
place. The minimum weight for the total ground tackle (anchor,
chain, line and container) shall not be less than nine (9) pounds
dry weight. (1967, revised July 1995)

The protest flag is not required unless you intend to protest another boat for a rule violation. Technically, it should be code flag b, but the flag from the end of your mast will work fine. I would recommend that you pick up Dave Perry’s book on the Racing Rules of Sailing if you want to brush up on the rules and learn when to fly the flag. You can get it from the U.S.Sailing web site.