I would like to take my Flying Scot up to Lake George this summer. I understand that you can sail to several caming grounds and it sounds like fun to either set up at one spot or sail from campsite to campsite. Do any of you have more information about difficulty of reserving camp sites, best locations, etc.?

John McLaughlin
Customflex #1554

Don't mean to sound pessimistic but public campsites on Lake George are typically booked at least a year in advance. Having said that you may get lucky and find something through http://nysparks.state.ny/accomm. Also access is not easy into LG; there is only one public ramp at the extreme NE corner of the lake in Ticonderoga. Otherwise you can expect to pay $50.00 at a marina. Lake George is absolutely beautiful but the world knows about it and uses (abuses!!) it.

quote:[i]Originally posted by Lee Sokol[/i]
[br]If you make a boat tent and a sleeping platform for your boat, you can sleep on the boat at anchor. That gives you the freedom to overnight nearly anywhere, not just at campgrounds.
Somewhere I saw a design for a sleeping platform for a scot but I do not recall where I saw it. Anyone recall seeing proposed plans?

Jeff Penfield wrote an article about setting up a sleeping arrangement in his old Scot that was published in Scots n Water a few years ago. He cut 2 sheets of plywood to fit over the seats and trunk that could be stowed while sailing and set up at night with a standard cockpit boom cover rigged over it. He told me mosquito netting is a highly recommended option. He also retreated to nearby hotels when it rained more than just showers as it got too miserable when wet.
Today Jeff races a newer Scot in Florida and does not overnight anymore. Camping on a Scot is pretty rough. He only did it a few times.