360 degree swivel cleat

I understand that there is a rule for limiting the boat to 1 360 degree swivel cleat. I currently have one and it is used for my boom vang. I like the arrangement as it seems that the crew can quickly release the vang just as we round a mark for a down wind spinnaker leg. I know that many use the swivel for the centerboard which allows the skipper to sit on either side and make adjustments to releive weater helm.
My question is this, is it legal to have a 360 swivel for one, and another swivel cleat that swivels only 180 or 270 degrees for the other.
If this is not an option I would be interested in the arguements for the swivel on the centerboard or the boom vang.
Thanks for you input

My boat came family rigged, and had the clamcleat for the centerboard. I installed one of the waco 360 cleats for the centerboard and mounted a Ronstan T Cleat (RF5, I think), on the CB case top cap near the boat number, for the vang.

This allows the skipper or crew to adjust the CB, and allows the skipper or crew to easily adjust the vang while sitting out on the rail. It definitely helps to make the boat more controllable and slippery through the wind when you are a little overpowered.

I had seen it in an article about Kelly Gough's boat setup. I like the way it works.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086