boat cover

I am looking for advice as to which cover most prefer. Sailors Tailor moring/trailer cover or the North Sails cover. Any comments would be appreciated

I have three different used cover types and found that I end up using all of them since each type has an advantage for certain usages.

* For mooring on the water or lift I like the tent style cover since it's easy to put on when the boat is in the water. The cover doesn't touch the water either. Of course I only moor or use a lift on away trips.

* For trailering and storing the boat outside with mast down I like the mooring/trailer cover (I don't have an experience with a trailer-only cover). My cover is skirted to add additional protection to the side. But this skirt isn't so great for mooring usage.

* For mast up storage (dry dock) I like the mooring cover. Unlike with the mooring/trailer cover I can leave the boom up. Which means I can roll up the sail and tie it to the boom, while leaving it in the boom track. Also the water shedding is better an with the mooring/trailer cover which needs to be pulled up via the mail halyard.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA