6:1 4:1 purchase on outhaul

I'm a little confused. Flying scot sells a 6:1 outhaul kit, that as far as I can tell should be installed as pictured in the photos on the unofficial flying scot website. The problem is that the unofficial site states that the set up is actully 4:1 purchase, and I am wondering if that is a mistake. If it is not a mistake, then I don't know how to set up my boom for 6:1 purchase.

Also flying scot also sells two differents boom end caps. One says it has a tab for a turning block, I am assuming that it is necessary in order to get a shackle to fit.

I am also in the process of getting ready to order a new boom. I live on Long Island and shipping is almost $200 dollars to a residence and $120 to a business. If anyone has an idea on how to save a little here let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Greg is correct the photo shows 3 to 1 with a cascade for 6 to 1 total.

I think the way you rig it depends on if you race or not. If you race I would not use less than 6 to 1, this also depends on the stregth of the crew. I race and have the 6 to 1 set up that Harry offers, it works ok for my small wife. My old and now spare boom has 12 to 1 purchase (6 to 1 with a cascade for 12 to 1, completely internal) and for us this is a better set up. We still have to luff the main to pull more tension on in a breeze but at least she can do it. With the 6 to 1 I have to go forward and do it myself, in order to get enough tension. One of these days I will change the new boom to 12 to 1 as well.
With wind in high teens or above the outhaul needs to be VERY TIGHT to flatten the foot of the main when beating to weather.