What advice is out there regarding the placement of telltails on Flying Scot sails - both main and jib?

John McLaughlin
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I would like to share the following from the FS listserve with this audience:

Typically the main has one on the end of each batten with the top two being the most important. The jib gets a set or two on the luff and one on the top batten. Use Robert's trick to place them along the luff about 1/3 and 2/3 from bottom of the jib and about 10 to 12 inched in from the luff. Make them about 6 to 8 inches long. Old 8 Track tapes work good, or the thinner casket tapes. Rip stop nylon cut into 3/8" wide strips work too. Wool yarn is good too as it will not absorb much moister in the rain. Sail makers repair tape with adhesive on one side work best to attach them to the sail.

Dan Neff

Hi Gang
Dan is exactly right with his suggestions for placement of the telltales.
While 10-12" aft of the luff will work for placement of the jib telltales I'd maybe suggest trying a couple sets as close as 8". We place them a little farther forward so the jib will react quickly to wind shifts and help keep you in the grove.
Dan is right about the wool vs. synthetic yarn as the synthetic will draw static electricity a bit more readily where wool isn't as apt to do so. We use the spinnaker tape standard on the leech of the main and jib as Dan points out. We also use wool on the jib luff telltales as they don't "wiggle" quite as actively as cassette tape. I am really reluctant to give up any of my old 8 tracks for telltale material as those still harbor some of my favorite songs!
Good luck!

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John McLaughlin
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