Correct Placement of Mainsheet Shackle

I was about to ask what can be done about the mainsheet getting tangled at the bottom mainsheet block. When taking the pictures to ask it finally dawned on my. I put the shackle on incorrectly. Argh! The bolt of the shackle has to go through the loop of the block. If you don't do that the mainsheet can get caught on the shackle and inhibit the trimming of the main.



Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

quote:[i]Originally posted by jerryl[/i]
[br]Why does it make a difference whether the shackle is up or down?

If you look at the first picture (the incorrect picture) You see that the block can wonder along the shackle. When this happens the block may be stuck at a bad angle and the tention from the mainsheet might not let it slide back.

In the correct way the block can't stard wondering since it is prevented by the two sides through which the shackles bolt goes through.

I hope that makes sense.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA