Mainsail w ith reef for Sale

For Sale. Schurr mainsail with jiffy reef and battens. The sail is about 25 years old with most of the last 20 years spent in the closet. It is made of the heavier 5 oz virtually indestructible dacron cloth. This is a relatively flat cut cruising main that makes handling in heavy air easy. The reef is about 30 inches and in strong wind the reduction in sail area and heeling moment is roughly equivalent to having an extra person on board. If the wind really pipes up the reef enables you to sail the boat with nearly neutral helm with the jib removed and centerboard partly up. This is great for sailing with young kids or queezy crew or no crew. $ 100 plus postage estimated to be about $20. Gabor Karafiath Silver Spring MD. 301 681 6340.

The Sail is Sold.