Robert Hynen is the proud proud owner of FS6181 . In May 2019 he and his wife Christine were at the factory, met Carrie and Tyler Andrews, sailed on Deep Creek Lake and ordered a new Flying Scot. After quite the journey. the boat arrived in Sydney, Australia. in early October 2019. Yes, that's right AUSTRALIA. Robert has since written a book about his first year of Flying Scot adventures. You'll see excerpts from tthe book in the next Scots n' Water magazine. And soon we will be making the book available to FSSA members. So very cool!

Chesapeake Bay Magazine recently featured an article on the Flying Scot designer, Sandy Douglass, Have a look at it here and enjoy!


From the Decks of a Recreational Sailing Program

for Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Pleasant Bay Community Boating, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

by Natalie Coleman-Fuller and Pam Groswald

Now in its fourth season, the Blind and Visually Impaired Sailing Program at Pleasant Bay Community Boating (PBCB) has found its sea legs. True to its mission of making boating, marine education, and environmental stewardship affordable and accessible to all, PBCB responded to a growing...

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The FSSA was privileged to have Nick Hayes, author of Saving Sailing and numerous articles about trends in our sport join us for a webinar.  Nick discussed with us strategies that have been successfully used across the country to grow the sport of sailing.   The video of our webinar is available on YouTube...

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The Flying Scot 2020 Women's North American Championship and 2020 North American Championship are being postponed for 1 Year. Mark Your Calendars for 2021!

FSSA Women's NAC - Deep Creek Yacht Clubs - June 26-27, 2021

FSSA NAC - Cedar Point Yacht Club - July 11-16, 2021