West Scot builder comments

Birmingham Sailing Club has come into possession of Flying Scot #4371, built by West Scot, Sandy Utah. Any comments on boats from this builder?

Probably your best bet is to ask Harry at Flying Scot.  If anyone is aware of the reputation he is likely to know.  

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I too have a WestScot built boat, FS4368 havnig moved up from FS 25...I like it, seems very stout (compared to my old boat) and from what I can tell it seems identical to newer Flying Scot built boats...My understanding is they were built in Salt Lake. City, not sure if they are still in business...

Harry, did you ever get anymore information on Westscot boats? I just purchased one. The hull number indicates it was built in 1988. I am trying to get info on the history and differneces in these boats.
Thanks,   rb

What number is your boat?  

4503 is the boat number. The tag says Flying Scot /The WESTSCOT Corporation/Licensed by Gordon Douglass Boat Co.

It’s Interesting that it was probably made around 1989, with that number.  I didn’t know that there were still several builders for Scots at that point.

You asked privately about how to search the (very) old forum.  Go to the Wayback Machine at https://web.archive.org/web/20070911053710/http://www.fssa.com/fsforum/  Don't bother using the search links, they won't work.  Instead do a page search (Windows Ctrl-F or Mac Cmd-F) and search for "Westscot".  There is some talk in 2002 but I didn't bother reading it.  So it may or may not be useful to you.

From: Pfund5@Date: 14 Jun 2002Time: 10:21:57 -0400
All boats built after about 1972 will have a hull identification number (HIN) molded in the transom. The HIN consists of a 3 letter manufacturer ID code, followed by a serial number (probably sail number for Scots), and a 4 number/letter combination identifying the date of manufacture. For example, 'ABC12345H898' would identify boat number 1,235, which was built by the ABC company in August, 1998. The FSSA may be able to help with older boats. Bill

Thanks so much!