Video from the Webinar - US Sailing and One Design - 01/21/2021


For those of you looking for a link to the US Sailing and FSSA seminar on Growing the Sport given on 1/21/2021, you can find the video here.  Thanks again to Jim Leggette for arranging this!

Last week the Flying Scot Sailing Association sponsored a webinar, Growing the Sport of Sailing with leaders with leaders in one design classes and US Sailing. Each shared successful ideas which have been used to grow our sport.

Our own Jim Crabtree sharer his experiences with Fleet 210 in Jefferson City, Missouri, the 2020 Fleet of the Year. Jim has also been the Megabyte Class President and is active in US Sailing’s One Design Group.

Also, joining us that eve was Tom Hubbell, who is currently the Thistle Class President and has served as US Sailing President. Tom is the author of Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher, which many of you have probably dog eared the pages.

Scot sailors if you have paid your FSSA dues thanks! For those who have done so yet now is a good time to check that one off. Spring is coming.

Please share with your fleets and others so that we can get our favorite kind of sailor - more!