Training Videos


Hello Racers!
One of my favorite things about sailboat racing comes from the fact that I enjoy educating new and up-and-coming sailors.   This spring I hope to produce a series of higher-quality training videos to serve that purpose.   I could really use some help from the class (expecially those championship level racers) with feedback.  How can we explain things better?  What other videos can we produce that would be helpful?   Do you want to collaborate?  Check out our YouTubeChannel and please don't be shy about sharing contructive feedback.   If you prefer to contact me directly, please call 217-377-0661 or email   
Our latest videos allow you to follow Ryan and Stacey from Mad Sails as they race in the 2015 Egyptian Cup and Lake Carlyle.  
Egyptian Cup Video Link:
Counting the seconds to Midwinters...