trailer winch too low for master helper


I bought the master helper and found out that the winch on my trailer is lower than many that I have seen.  This causes the winch cable to rub agains the bow of the boat.  Other trailers appear to have a higher winch which allows the cable to clear the bow. 

I'm thinking of replacing the steel cable (I hate steel cables anyway) and replace it with a nylon strap.  I suppose the strap would do less damage than the cable against the bow.  I suppose the other approach might be to extend the trailer winch upward in some manner in order to raise it to a good height.

Anyone have any experience with this problem?

I have a low winch too, and I have a strap, not a cable. The strap works great. The pull is slightly off center because the strap eventually slips to one side or the other of the bow handle, but that doesn't really make a difference. This is my first year with the master helper, and I wish I'd gotten it sooner.



Joe Samson


I figured out that I was placing the wood supports to close to the stern and that it should be more towards the bow.  This placement gives the clearance that is needed.