Through deck hardware for older boom crutch

i am in the process of restoring FS845 and it has those two holes in the transom that were used to support the old boom crutch stand.  One hole no longer has the brass through deck hardware.  Can anybody suggest what I can use to replace this?  I’ve already asked Carrie and she said they don’t carry that hardware any longer.  Thanks.
FS 381 and 845

I had hull 877 ( a 1965 or '66 )  - the older boats are built very stout !  I would seal the (2) holes with fiberglass and top with gelcoat, re-drill for the new boom crutch configuration ( they sell a kit ).  It's a better design.
If you're hell bent on the old config, then go to hardware store or home depot and buy brass tubing ( are you sure it;s not cooper ? The through hull seat and hull frains are copper ).  You can buy a flange kit that puts a flange on one side of the tube, cut to the right length then epoxy in place.