storing the mainsail on the boom between sails

I am on a lake in Maine and our  Flying Scot is moored shortly offshore. What is the best way to store the mainsail between sails? I have been flaking the sail on the boom but that seems awkward. Would rolling the sail be better? Any advice welcome. We are new to the FS world.


Earl Ball

I'm on a lake in Maine as well, with my Scot moored just offshore. Where are you located?

To your question: Rolling the sail is best for the sail. You can find older posts here on the forum that describe how to do that. I sail solo all the time and find any way of dealing with the main a chore. I roll it the best I can alone and sail tie it to the boom. Then cover it all with a tent mooring cover. If you have a crew to help it should happen easily.


Thanks. This is what I have tried most recently. Easy with two- more of a challenge alone. The tent cover is greart.