FOR SALE Magic Jib Sheets

Guaranteed to make you Flying Scot point higher and go faster
This is a serious upgrade to whatever you are using right now. Trust Me!
Obviously everything said previously in this post is a lie.  Well except that these are Jib Sheets, and they are For Sale.  I am not sure sheets is correct though, it is only one piece, so I think it should be called Jib Sheet.  I am sure someone will correct me soon.  Anyways I am going to call them jib sheets….
Description of Jib Sheets….Approximately 22feet long, 8 mm (5/16”) New England Endura Braid  In HOT RED!!! They are tapered, and they have a soft shackle spliced into the tail.  Basically I was tired of having to de-rig the jib sheets every time I wanted to take the jib home, so I made this.  There is also no knot int the middle to catch anything during a tack or gybe.  These have been used 4 times…but I am pretty sure they still have some life. 
I really like how these work, but I am going to make another set experimenting with a different design, and I really do not need 5 sets of jib sheets. SO instead of spending $75 on a jib sheet from APS, you can have these “MAGIC” Jib Sheets for $40. And I will ship them anywhere in the USA for FREE!!!!  Yes I said FREE!