Rudder taper direction

Hi All.
I live on the west coast and recently purchased my Flying Scot. I am planning on installing the rudder lift kit soon. There is only one other FS in our club and I noticed that on my boat the fore edge of the rudder is tapered and the aft edge is square. On the FS in the space next to me to me it is the opposite, the fore is square and the aft is tapered. Which way should it be?
Also, as the rudder is lowered there is some strong resistance the farther it is lowered. Should the rudder be waxed? I cleaned it and it helped some but am wondering if this is typical, and I am not sure of the power of the lift kit.
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Randal Bradshaw

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The tapered end should be facing aft, so it sounds like your blade is backwards. Simply unbolt the blade and turn it around. For reference, there should be a notch on the blade which should be on the leading edge of the blade when attached to the rudder head. Do not wax the blade, it will not add any benefit. The lift kit works great and be sure not too overtighten the bolt that holds the blade on the rudder head!
Best of luck!
FS 5516

Thanks so much. I just heard from FlyingScot also and they say the same.