Rigging lessons wanted.

I recently (07/10/2012)  purchased a used scot.  Although I have previous sailing experience I have none with the scot.  Since every boat is rigged a little (or alot) diffrent  think it would be worth hiring someone for a couple hours to run me through the rigging process.  Anyone know of someone in the Chicago area that might do this?  I live in the Western suburb of River Forest but would trailer my scot for training.Thanks,Brian 

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You might want to look at http://www.flyingscot.com/rig1.html first.

The link above is good. The Tuning Guide from your sailmaker will give you some good tips on how to fine tune the boat. I find that reading all of them, from North, Mad, Dieball, Shurr, etc will give you a lot of good info.

Do you have a Scot fleet in your area? In our fleet, we have Rig Check Days in the spring to work out the cobwebs on rigging the boat that inevitably form over the winter.

If not and you plan to race, then trailering to a race and arriving plenty early is also a good venue to get rigging advice. Going to a two-day regatta someplace, even if you plan to be in last place is a great way to learn and most top racers are more than generous with advice. If you plan to be last or don't race every race, you may be pleasantly surprised if you end up second or third to last.

If you have specific questions after looking at the Flying Scot Inc info on rigging, you can post questions on this forum. Many members are pretty good with answering questions.


I imagine by now you have figured it out ,but if not ,I live in Machesney Park Il with in two hours from you . Be glad to help you out..