Rigging Checklist

I'm a new owner of a Flying Scot and will be launching the boat for the fist time. I scoured the internet looking for a simple check list to make sure I do everything in the correct order before launching but surprisingly there wasn't anything out there. Flyingscot.com (http://www.flyingscot.com/rig2.html) had a nice tutorial but no compact checklist so I used the instructions from that website and made my own. It's attached to this post. Please let me know if you think there are any steps that are of critical importance that the list does not capture.Happy sailing everyone!

Looks like a good list. It leaves out the steps of putting the main in the boom sail track, threading the outhaul and snapping the jib onto the forestay, attaching the jib halyard.

You would also thread the jib sheets.

I normally do these steps before launching. That way you raise the main, raise the jib, drop the board, and rudder if deep enough, and sail away.

The step where you set the shrouds depends somewhat on your boat, but is a good start. Once you decide on the right setting, mark the holes, and then tape. One good way to be fast and easy, is to have a repeatable setup. Mark everything you can.