North AP Mainsail

Have to replace my sails.  My total skipper and crew weight  is under 400 pounds.  When the wind get 10-15 we are easliy overpowered even with everything tight.  Does anyone race with the AP main offered by North?
Advantages?  Disadvantages?  Is there a difference in downwind performance or in lighter winds?
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i have an AP Main.  It has less low end oomph than the older main, the LC1.  The LC stood for larger citizens, which meant that you were bigger than Allen and Katie Terhune.
Where I sail its often light, and I wish I had more juice in the light stuff.  if you're light, and it's breezy in your area, the AP is probably a good choice.
i am curious to see if the new Radial main has more low-end juice.
i use the snug jib, and I like it.  Also North's Radial Spinnakers are great and hold their shape for a long time.

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Thank you for the advice.  I think I will eventually get the RHC main.  I went with a Mad standard main and snug jib as I usually sail in 5-10 kt winds.  However, ALMOST EVERY travel regatta I have done winds have been 10-15+ and we are usually at a disadvantage (especially upwind) weight wise.