New to forum with a towing question

Hello all.  First post on this forum. After growing up sailing on the South Shore of Massachusetts I had gotten away from sailing, but have recently rediscovered my love of the sport and look forward to being an active member of Fleet 126 at Lake Townend Yacht Club. Before I go out shopping for a Scot I need to determine what I need to tow the boat. We are aas all car family with a Mini Cooper, which I have already ruled out for towing and an Audi A3, which I think could handle it, but I worry about burning up the turbo. Whatkind of cars do others use to tow their Scot?  Mostly it would just be to launch the boat as itwill be stored at the marina, but I do want the ability to travel with the boat. Thanks,Mitch 

We have towed our Scot with a Passat 1.8t and a Tiguan 2.0t. If your A3 is a 2.0, it should be fine. What tow capacity do they list?

Funny story on the Tiguan. VW publishes 2200 Kg in Europe and 2200 Lbs in the US. The car is equipped the same. I guess we have more lawyers in the states.

We also have a Toyota Sienna which does a great job.

Thanks Phil nactually, it is a 3.2 Quattro, and I am concerned about burning upthe turbo. I believe the tow rating is 1900 pound Mitch