Mooring - forestay and jib halyard

 What is the current thinking on keeping the rigging tight when moored?  Should the jib halyard be on the toggle or attached to the bowplate?  Is attaching to the bowplate and using another line to snug the mainstay a reasonable approach?  If the jib halyard is attached to the toggle what are some options for backup in case of toggle, forestay, or halyard failure? JohnFS3823

Attach the jib halyard to the jib tack tack shackle, and snug up the jib halyard with the winch. This will keep it from slopping around.

Check for wear and tear regularly.

If the halyard breaks, the forestay would keep the mast up. If the forestay breaks, the halyard would keep the mast up. The catch is that the tension would be lower and if the boat bobs around on the mooring, then it can work to wear through things.