Mark Rounding Without Rudder


This question is posted to try to understand the way to retain boat speed round the windward mark.  I have figured out that a hard rudder turn at the mark stops the boat, but don't know the best method.

I will assume that we are approaching mark on starboard and leaving mark to port.  Let's say we have a nice 7 mph breeze.

I am guessing to let out the main and heel the boat to windward, which would make the boat turn to port, round the mark.

The question I have is what should the jib do?  It seems that tightening the jib might pull the boat to port, but not sure.  Also, should crew slide aft to accentuate the stern windward heel to help with the rounding?

Should the board be half way up to move CE aft, and let the boat spin easier on its axis?