Loose jib fairlead track

One of our jib fairlead tracks is loose.  The screws seem to be stripping out of whatever they are sunk into.  Anyone know how these are mounted to the boat and what it would take to repair?  It seems like it would be near impossible to get under the boat to get at them from the backside. I would think I could redrill holes, inject epoxy, and redrill and replace screws into epoxy but I wonder what would prevent the epoxy from leaking out underneath once I inject it. Any suggestions are appreciated.


The track fasteners are bedded into a wood batten that is molded into the deck combing. The quick fix: remove fasteners. Irrigate with high pressure air directly into the open holes. Allow to dry for a day with holes open with the boat in the sun under cover. Several drying days is better. In my shop I use an incandescent light for a week to cook the moisture out of the wood batten.

Then place several half toothpicks (4 or 5) into holes, dipped in typical polyurethane wood finish. Then, when still wet, Reset track screws.

This method will create an expansion anchor. The catalyst for polyurethane is water. The bond becomes self-sealing. Do both tracks

David Neff