Lifting the boat

I have never lifted my boat before and I'm racing this weekend at a club that only has a lift, no ramp. I have a wire bridle and the bolt for the front but what size shackle should I use for the tang on the back of the trunk?
How do you prevent the wire from sliding across the bolt and unbalancing the boat?

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To keep the boat stable, install the bridle so that it stradles the boom. Also make sure that you have vang pressure on and tighten the main sheet as well. This will keep the boom in place. If you are racing with other Scots, borrow their bridle and have them help you. I'm sure that they will be happy too! Good luck!

I also have the wire bridle.  Be careful when lifting not to get the slack bridle under the edge of the coaming as you can take a nasty chip out of the gel coat.  (Up front where the bolt is)
Have fun, and as was said, most clubs will help you learn.  There is usually a preferred spot and orientation/ direction to place the boat to lift and launch.  A club member will know this.  Watch what they do.