Hello, New Here

I just wanted to post a quick hello.I am rescuing a Scot from laying dormant for about 20 years and will need a lot of assistance while I move along as I don't know 98% of the sailing/rigging terms for the boats and have never had to go through a sail boat like this.I have sailed many, many times, but would still consider myself a novice at best.The boat in question is one of two Scots my family has owned and raced since new; I have been told it is hull number 800 something, but can't seem to find the number anywhere on the boat. Where can I locate the number?I do know it is a Douglass boat though since the plaque is still intact. The boat itself isn't in too bad of shape, there are cracks in the gel coat that need to be repaired and it needs to be cleaned. One of the mast stays has snapped, but that is an easy fix. I will need/want to purchase all new rope (rigging?) for it though. Everything else is there, I even have two full sets of sails with one jib!I look forward to returning an old joy of my late father's back to glory and thank everyone in advance for any and all help.

The boat number should be in 2" numerals on the top of the centerboard trunk.  A boat of that age probably does not have the hull number which became mandatory in the 70s which is on the starboard transom.  The number on the trunk should also appear on the mainsail and spinnaker.If one shroud is snapped, I would plan to buy both.  You probably will want to replace the forestay and halyards when you order your lines.  Flying Scot Inc has all that reasonable prices.  Harry, Karen and Dee at the factory will give you great advice.Do you have a fleet nearby?  They can also be a great source of free advice and knowledgable rigging labor.

Maybe on the title as well

The title in most states will have the HIN which is like a VIN, but in many states the boat number is not on title.  Can't go wrong with the 2" high number on the centerboard trunk cap.

I think it was 72 they made the vin codes standerized and reqierd to be printed on the boat . The vin code also had to have so many caracters as well .
before this time there were no rules so a hull number was just fine .  The title would be his last hope since he said he can find no numbers anywhere , Since he said it is an 800 number boat, the sails would be over 40 years of age ,Its possible the original owner kept putting the hull number on his sails every time he replaced them,  Then again the  P.O. owner could have bought used sails. My boat sat outside its entire life uncovered and after 45 years you would not even know it had a number on the cap ,you had to have it in the right light to even see it, and  these things were pressed or hammerd in.