FSSA NorthAmerican logistics questoin


This is a quesion for organizers of the 2017 North Americans or for experiened attendees. 
What is the calendar of racing like?  I'm an experienced sailor and newer racer in PA, so I'm considering attending the Sandusky North Americans.  I'm not sure if I can get a full week off and I haven't come across detailed information as to whether it's possible to participate over just several days. 
Thanks for any info.
Ken Sherwood
FS 1632

I have also sometimes had to cut my NAC short.  I have not seen a schedule published, but you are right, it's normally a full week from Monday to Friday.  
The 2007 and 2008 NACs were 3 days, with no qualifying races, and 2007 had 119 boats, for the 50th Anniversary of the Class, at the NAC.
One idea, if you are newer to racing might be to skip the qualifying.  As such, you would be in the Challenger Fleet.  The catch is whether the race committee is ok with it, and the fact that you would need to have your boat measured, which usually happens on Saturday and Sunday before racing begins.  If you aren't far away, you might be able to go Sunday, get measured and setup, and then skip the qualifying and show up for the first day of racing.  That would normally allow you to go to work Monday and Tuesday.
See you in Sandusky!

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The NOR has been posted. http://www.fssa.com/sites/default/files/sandusky_nor_rev_1-26-17.doc
Races start on Monday with 3 scheduled for Qualifiers. For the rest of the week, Tuesday through Thursday,  five races are scheduled. If by the end of the day on Wednesday, the number of races are behind, the RC can extend the race schedule.
Looking forward to a great week and being part of the 60th Anniversary of the Flying Scot!
Mark Riefenhauser
FS 99 and 5516
Candlewood Yacht Club-Fleet 24

I appreciate the tips Phil. I assumed I'd be in the challenger division. I'll see what the calendar looks like.

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Hi Ken!
I have news on this, which I was getting ready to broadcast anyway, which is that this year we're trying a shorter format. Measuring (and Women's and Juniors' Championships) are Sunday, June 26, we race MOnday-Thursday, so it's now a four day, rather than a five day event!