FSSA Membership


I joind FSSA about two months ago. I have recieved my copy of the magazine but have not recieved anything else. Is this normal? Do I need some sort of registration card or sticker for my transom to be class legal?
Mike Lindstrom 
FS 5354

Transom stickers go out in Spring, to your fleet captain.  They are mailed that way to save postage.  Are you in a fleet?
The card is an email, that comes from FSSA.  The email comes from info@fssa.com, with a subject 2019 Membership Card.  Maybe its in your inbox, if you search.  If you don’t see it, send an email to that address and let them know you need it.
Technically, if you are paid up, and the boat is in line with the class rules, you are good to go.  I would print the card, so if you go to an event, you can show you’re a class member.
Welcome to the Flying Scot class!