FS Insurance ?

I have an annual fee of $205 for my FS inisurance.  Is there a better deal out there ?  She is sailed (5) months out of the year.
My larger, more valuable motor boat is $350 per year...

I have mine through Geico, which was affiliated with Boat US,  and mine is less than that.  I would imagine it depends on boat year and value.

OK. THX will look into it.
This site is waaaat o quiet.  Is there another that is more active ?

Yes, the forum section of the website has seen a slowdown of new posts, but the web search hits on it are still very high.  Funny thing is, a 60 year old one design boat, has had nearly every possible question asked and answered, so a quick Google search turns up all the answers.
There are a few die hards, that have been sailing Scots a long time, that tend to answer a lot of questions.