Flying Scot # 6203 - Race Ready & Upgraded!

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Saturday, December 23, 2023 - 11:30
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This is not your typical FS offering!

The boat has been tuned and upgraded by David Ames. David has improved the control systems and gone over all the little details on the boat to make it ready to win. Additionally, the boat comes with two days of one-on-one coaching from David. Interested parties, please contact David Ames at (941) 220-8589 or email





Standard Flying Scot Racing Package + Custom Performance Upgrades

Forestay Upgrades:

  • The 1/8-inch forestay has been configured for rig tension tuning throughout the wind range (0-20kts).

  • The under-deck turnbuckle is set so that the rig can be easily adjusted by the above deck spacer plate.

  • To change tension all you need to do is change pin positions instead of climbing under the deck and adjusting the turnbuckle.

Jib Sheet & Jib Block Upgrades:

  • The jib sheet blocks have been extended to optimize the 2-inch rule which will allow for a slightly better sheeting angle and reduces the amount of weather sheet that is needed to get the best pointing angle upwind.

  • The boat comes with the traditional 2:1 jib sheet configuration as well as a 1:1 jib sheet for lighter wind. In light winds 1:1 jib sheeting improves sheeting speed and boat handling during tacks.

Vang Upgrades:

  • The vang has been upgraded to a 15:1 all Dyneema system. The upper vang is a 5:1 rolling system leading to a 3:1 tensioner along the centerboard trunk leading to the cassette.

  • The system is designed to make pulling the vang on easier with less tail for more precise adjustments. The vang is more responsive when easing, opening the main leach quicker in the lulls which prevents stalling.

  • The all Dyneema system reduces line stretching making it easier to depower the main in windy conditions.

Topping Lift Upgrades:

  • The topping lift halyard and retriever has been reduced to 2.5 mm Dyneema line reducing friction for the crew on spinnaker pole sets.

Tiller Shimming:

  • The tiller has been shimmed and pinned in at 3 ¾ inches rake to optimize neutral helm. Pinning the rudder is extremely important in heavy wind to reduce excess weather helm in the boat.

Cunningham Upgrades:

  • The boat comes with the standard 6:1 cunningham but also includes a mini reefing line. Because the Cunningham is rarely used, we delete the Cunningham and just use the mini reefing line in 15+ kts. This configuration reduces the amount of line on the side of the centerboard trunk cleaning up the interior cockpit.


  • All of the systems and control lines have been spliced into the boat reducing friction on systems which makes the boat look cleaner.


Orlando, FL, 32801