First Flying Scot in England FS 6190


The Flying Scot has made its way to England - so that makes 3 continents so far! Congrats to the new owners.

From Nick Pronce on Facebook:

Introducing 6190, England’s first flying Scot, I think. The international field is slowly building! Huge thanks to Carrie Andrews at Flying Scot for so much advice and all the care getting her here by roll-on-roll-off ocean freighter. She’s toured the US east coast, dodged a few storms and been to Germany and Holland (twice!) on the way to The United Kingdom. As I arrived at Southampton to collect her, The Queen Elizabeth was sailing past too! I’ve learnt so much from this group already; thanks for having me. Rigged today, she’ll be sailing soon in the weeks ahead hopefully. Lots of excited family here.