Changes Being Proposed for Midwinters Format


We want you to know that your Executive Committee is listening! Based on the success of the 2024 Midwinters at Lake Eustis and the survey results after the regatta, a formal Action Item has been raised to have options for the length of the regatta. The current rules state that this is to be a 4-day event with 2 races per day..The changes, if approved, will include an option for a three-day regatta. 

  • If the club opts for a 3-day event. there would be 3 races per day with an option to do 4 races with the approval of the Class representative
  • If the club opts for a 4-day event, there would be 2 races per day with the option to do 3 in a day with the approval of the Class representative.

Please reach out to your District Governor with any questions you might have.