2023 Lowcountry Regatta, Beaufort, SC


2023 Lowcountry Regatta, Beaufort, SC

Friday, June 23, 2023 to Sunday, June 25, 2023

Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club (BYSC), invites the Flying Scots to our Lowcountry Regatta, June 24-25, 2023.   We do not have a fleet but,we have chosen the Flying Scot as a club boat for training and racing.  We now we have ONE and would like to build on that - having the Flying Scots join our regatta would really help us show what a great boat it is!

This is a fun regatta and, we think, good race committee work. Some details about the regatta:

  •   Open regatta in existence for over 50 years.
  •   Racing in the Beaufort RiverICW.
  •   80-120 boats.
  •   3 race courses
  •   Juniors and adults.
  •   BIG Lowcountry Boil/party on Sat. night, band.
  •   Crane launching or ramp launching.
  •   Tractor moving of boats.
  •    50 club volunteers on the water and help crane launching with 20 more on shore handling social activities.
  •    Flying Scots would be racing on the South Course, 3 miles south of the club at the confluence of Battery Creek and Beaufort River. Wider area with often sea breeze.
  •     Other classes on the South Course: MC Scows, Y Flyers and Highlanders, sometimes Lightnings, Snipes, Melges 15’s, Sea Island One Design’s.
  •     Classes on the other courses include: Sunfish, 420’s, Opti’s, O’Pen Skiff’s, Lasers (ICLA 4,6,7).



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