2022 Great Scot Regatta at Birmingham Sailing Club, AL


The 2022 Great Scot Regatta was held over the October 1, 2 weekend after Hurricane Ian had passed well East of Birmingham Sailing Club and made its way North of the regatta site.  The storm caused terrible damage where it passed but provided Logan Martin Lake with a fresh Northerly breeze and clear blue skies.

The 24 Teams were split into their choice of two fleets and sailed on the same course with separate Starts.  After a brief Postponement of the 1pm first race to allow the wind direction to settle in, 3 very competitive, 50 minute races were completed Saturday.

Following the Attitude Adjustment Happy Hour, the sailors enjoyed a BBQ dinner with a musical duo providing entertainment.

Sunday morning races were met with a bit stronger wind from the same direction.  The final 2 races were completed without delay and the regatta wrapped up with lunch and awards.

Birmingham Sailing Club will be your Host Club for the 2023 Wife-Husband Regatta next Fall.  Check out the photos and make plans to join us for another great weekend.

Results are here

Photos are here or here.