2021 New England Districts at Massabesic Yacht Club, Manchester, NH


Massabesic Yacht Club in Manchester, NH, hosted the 2021 New England Districts on 8/28/2021. It was a bit cloudy with highs in the 70's so we dresed in layers to be ready if it warmed up.  It warmed up a little but the clouds stayed.  With mostly easetrly winds 5-10 MPH, with Larry Christian as PRO, we had 5 great races, and could have done more with the conditions we had! There were 11 boats, 4 from Massapoag and 7 from Massabesic. In the end, the Massapoag teams took the top 4 spots with John and Connie Eckart winning the district championship and the SMSA trophies. Thanks so much to RIch Obst and Massabesic for a great day on the water and on shore.  Full results are here.