2014 YCSH Annual Commodore's Regatta

Yacht Club of Stone Harbor
9001 Sunset Dr,
Stone harbor, NJ, 08247
Regatta Date: 
Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 YCSH Commodores                     
We had 14 boats from our own island (Stone Harbor and Avalon) turn out for a lovely day in the Great Sound over Labor Day weekend.  We're hoping more Scots will make it down to the Jersey Cape next summer to join us! - Linda Nicholson

YCSH Commodore’s Regatta

Flying Scot Fleet

August 30, 2014


Place                                          Skipper and Crew                                 Club


1                                      Sam Mandell and Mike Mandell                     Avalon YC

2                                      Sam Thomas and Gene Mopsik                      YCSH

3                                      Steve McConnell and Jon Wright                   YCSH

4                                      Craig Williams and Andrew Cowan              YCSH

5                                      Bill Clarke and Kevin Clarke                            YCSH

6                                      Linda Nicholson and Mike Tellep                  YCSH

7                                      Bruce Nicholson and Jessica Mitchell           YCSH

8                                      Larry Helmick and Rence Helmick                YCSH

9                                      Kristian Weeder and Kristen Weeder          YCSH

10                                   Bob McNeill and Ann Binet                              YCSH

11                                   Mitch Shiles and Linda Tozur                         Avalon YC

12                                   Perry Conte and Dan Hagan                            YCSH

13                                   Dave Mohr and Dave Helwick                                    Avalon YC

14                                   Ted Ramsey and Zach Marks                          YCSH