2013 Cowan Lake Pig Roast Regatta - June 1 & 2

Cowan Lake Sailing Association

Wilmington, OH,
Regatta Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2013 to Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Cowan Lake Pig Roast Regatta - June 1 & 2.

Thank you to all who attended our event!!  Total of 20 competitors in two fleets, with 7 from out of town made for a great crowd around CLSA this year.

Sailing on Saturday was in great wind.  Quite a bit shifty.  Average MPH approx 15 with a few gusts pushing 23 MPH according to our RC.  Wind direction was not ideal for Cowan but our RC did a great job setting up the best course they could.  Got three very competitive races in as the predicted bad weather held off until later in the night.

Dinner was great and the accompanying musical trio played a full menu of sailing/sea/water related tunes.  Campers were treated to a deluge for about 2 hours when the weather finally showed up as we were winding down the night.  Hope everyone has dried out by now.

Sunday brought clearer skies and slightly lower winds but still in the 8-12 MPH range.  With a shift slightly to the south west, the RC could set a much fuller course with a full run up and down the lake.  Racing was again very competitive in both fleets.  In the end however, no one could figure out how to end Harry and Carrie's reign of terror on the waters of Cowan as they easily cruised to victory with 5 bullets and a repeat of last year's result of being our Pig Roast Regatta Champion.